4/20 Raffle Prizes and Winners

$1 Raffle Winners – Hourly Drawings

one (1) Moonrock Dual tray + 1g Watermelon House Wax + 1g CHR Super OG

Large Pipe + 2g Super Blue Dream – Claimed by Matthew

Rick & Morty Tray + 1g Watermelon House Wax

1gm Moonrock + 2.7g Bassrocks

Choice House Cart + Pure Potent Strawnana Cart

Bubbler + 1g Super Glue

Rick & Morty Battery + Moonrock Clear Cart Cookies + Moonrock Dual Tray – Claimed by Christian

Large Pipe + 1gm Watermelon House Wax + 1gm Lucifer

Three (3) Green Privilege PreRolls

300mg edible + 1 Rice Crispy Treat

Choice of House Cart

Two (2) Kings PreRolls

400mg Oreo Chocolate Bar

$5 Raffle Ticket Winners

Choice of listed prizes.

Choice of listed prizes.

Choice of listed prizes.

$10 Raffle Ticket Winner

Choice of listed prizes.