Welcome! We are thankful you have found us. All of our “first timers” receive 10% off the first order. If you spend more than $30 you will receive our 420 Goodie bag! If your daily deal choice or product has a better sale than your FT, then simply hold your discount till your next order!



Deals and Sales cannot be combined with coupons under any circumstance. The FTP deal can be held until second visit. Deals cannot be combined with Square or any other marketing platform promos, deals, or coupons.


We love to show the love. Each order above $25 receives a tier extra as a show of our appreciation for your continued support. Below is a chart of the spend amount and what you will receive in your bag. These items naturally change due to product availability. There are no returns, exchanges or credits for the extra items as they are gifts. When you use your monthly returning customer or Square marketing coupons you are not eligible for the extras. The Friday Daily Deal replaces the extras. 

Spend Receive
$25 – $49.99 10mg THC Honey Stick
$50 – $74.99 1 Green Privilege preroll
$75 – $99.99 1 Green Privilege Kief preroll
$100 – $149.99 1 Bassrocket Kief preroll
$150 – $199.99 1 Basswood Blunt
$200 – $249.99 1 Basswood Blunt + 100mg Edible
$250 – $299.99 1 Basswood Blunt + 150mg Edible
$300 – $349.99 1 Basswood Blunt + 300mg Edible
$350 – $399.99 1 Basswood Blunt + 500mg Edible
$400 – $449.99 1 Basswood Blunt, 1 Bassrocket + 100mg Edible
$450 – $499.99 1 Basswood Blunt, 1 Bassrocket + 150mg Edible
>$500 Your Choice Any Four Of The Extra Items In This Chart